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DGII Phyto Placenta is prepared using vegetal placenta and tissue from Lycocenta™, a special rare species of Non-Genetically Modified plant from Germany. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the latest advances in skin rejuvenation and revitalization using non-animal based Phyto Placenta.




Anti-aging with DGII Phyto Placenta Softgels


A scientifically proven substitute to animal placenta extracts, DG2 Phyto Placenta Softgel (Phyto – derived from plants) incorporates the rejuvenating and youth-restoring wonders of Plant Placenta, premium grade phyto-cellular extracts specially derived from Lycocenta™ – a rare non-genetically modified plant.

The phyto-cellular extracts function as cell bio-activators and anti-oxidative agents, stimulating cellular growth and regulating excess free radicals to counter your body’s aging and skin damage in a natural way.

Clinically tested to have zero traces of animal or synthetic derivatives, this botanical innovation is aimed at growing niche markets such as the recognised vegetarian and halal market.


Choosing Phyto Placenta (or Lycocenta) does not mean that you will experience fewer benefits than you would with our animal-based products. For certain customers with precise health problems, DG2 Phyto Placenta Softgel could perhaps be more preferable, as it provides some specific benefits that are unparalleled by any other DGII product. Indeed, in problems specifically related to skin health, Phyto Placenta offers better efficacy and results. Phyto Placenta is also noted to have higher amino acid content and better distribution than our animal-based products.

Generally, scientists recognize Phyto Placenta as a true alternative to Animal Placenta in virtually every way that matters to your personal health, as it works in the same manner to increase cell renewal and cell quality. Like mammals, plants also have embryos. They, too, maintain collections of stem cells to perpetually provide the precursors of more-specialized cells to sustain growth or to replace tissues. Lycocenta is extracted from Phyto Placenta stem cells and tissues from plants during their early stages of life. These stem cells act as a genuine bio-activator, naturally stimulating growth cells into mimicking the body’s response to aging and skin damage, via a process known as Cell Therapy.


Botanical formula, equal efficacy*

pp tomato


– stimulate cellular regeneration and total rejuvenation

– reduce melanin production


pp algae

Blue Green Algae

– Provide nourishment to the skin

– Cleansing and detoxifying the blood


pp coq10

Coenzyme Q10

– Maintain blood pressure

– Anti-aging


pp lutein


– Support vision function

– Smoother skin


pp grape seed

Grape Seed Oil

– Reduce blood sugar level

– Prevent heart diseases


pp resvertrol


– Cardiovascular diseases protection

– Reduces cell damage


pp ascorbic

Ascorbic Acid

– Liver Detox

– Collagen production, prevent free radical mediated cartilage damage


   pp pomegranate

Pomegranate Extract

– Improve arthritis and joint pain

– Prevent osteoarthritis


*Disclaimer: Result may vary with individual


Cutting edge biotechnology softgel

DGII Phyto Placenta Capsules is fortified with special double-enteric coated softgels and strengthened by the brand’s superior Anti-Reflux Technology to form an outstanding transport mechanism for all of the placenta’s goodness, directly to the core of your body. Whether they are at the stomach or the intestine, these high-tech softgels can effectively prevent acid-alkaline digestion at both areas, ensuring optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tracts for maximum rejuvenation.


Benefits of DG2 Phyto Placenta Capsules*

Total Rejuvenation

– Resist the effect of aging skin

– Stimulate cell regeneration

– Increase stamina and restore vitality

– Alleviate depression

– Improve mental alertness

Aesthetic Value

– Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

– Skin whitening effect

– Increase collagen synthesis

– Improve skin texture, facial pigmentation and pores refined

– Remove age spots

General health

– Detoxification of the body

– Improve digestion

– Lower fat and blood cholesterol


*Disclaimer: Result may vary with individual


Wrinkles depth of 34 years old female subject, before and after treatment with DG2 phyto placenta

 Pic-3A-300x240        Pic-3B-300x240                            


Tests were conducted on a group of healthy, female volunteers with ages ranging from 40-65 years old. They exhibited clear signs of improvement in wrinkle reduction, skin softness, hydration, smoothness and firmness.

                                        pp skin test

Disclaimer: Results may vary between individual


Recommended Dosage

We recommend taking 1 capsule per day, 30 minutes before breakfast (for better absorption). DG2 Phyto Placenta Capsules  are highly effective if taken on an empty stomach, in the morning. We recommend a 6-12 month treatment, in order reach maximum effect. Even after 6-12 months, this product may be taken as an effective vitamin supplement.

Note: The effects of this product may be diminished with heavy smoking or drinking.


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