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Cell therapy often thought of as futuristic, controversial and unknown, are now providing the latest anti-Aging, rejuvenation and beauty secret. The theory behind cell therapy was best stated by Paracelsus, a 16th century physician who wrote: “Heart heals heart, lung heals lung, spleen heals spleen, like cures like.” Paracelsus and other early physicians believed that the best way to treat illness was to use living tissue to rebuild and revitalize ailing or aging tissue.  Cell therapy focuses on stopping and reversing the biological aging process by treating and preventing age-related disease on the molecular and cellular level with specific cell preparations that address the immune system, endocrine system, skin and connective tissue.

DG2 is a global anti-aging brand that offers Swiss-formulated and innovated supplements and aesthetic products for general health and beauty care. The brand focuses on combatting signs of aging, restoring bodily functions and improving quality of life with cutting edge biomolecular therapies developed and innovated from discoveries in biotechnology, with botanical extracts and placental extracts as some of its exciting exclusive ingredients.



Stem Cell Therapy


All DG2 products are Swiss-formulated with no chemical agents, preservatives or additives and only the highest quality of placenta extracts. Various stringent health and quality standards were established in Switzerland to ensure that Swiss manufacturers maintain a constant high standard for their products. The live cells and cellular extracts are specially procured from a European State-certified closed-colony of sheep bred specifically for medical purposes. Many doctors and scientists feel that the most impressive results of using DG2 Cell Therapy for anti-aging benefits are its regeneration of the body’s immunological response & defensive mechanisms.

When damage happens to the cells which make up the varied organs and tissues involved in the immunological response (either through getting older or from environmental poisons), the body becomes defenseless against both external invasion and internal degeneration. Damage to the organs of the immune reaction could be reversed thru re-energizing & regeneration with DG2 Cell Therapy. These new and active fresh cells act quickly and effectively to enhance the body’s defensive mechanism.

Rather than extracting stem cells from a human placenta, Cell Therapy starts with the selection of specific organ cells from an animal fetuses bred specifically for this reason. Many years of expertise have shown that sheep are the best donor animals because they’re vital, hardy animals with the best immunological systems and natural illness resistance. Sheep proteins are especially compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions. Closed-colony breeding of at least 25 to 30 generations is currently one of the safest production standards imposed for any form of cellular therapy. It eliminates risky genetic lineage of the procured animals, and adds accountability for consumers (knowing that every generation of animals are tagged upon birth, and every medical data or any form of aberration are recorded).


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