DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel


DG2 Cellular Softgel is very effective in combating signs of aging. It is great for anyone who is troubled by dull complexion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and sensitive skin. It will help brighten the skin to a radiant glow and leave it smoother and firmer. DG2 Softgel also helps to detox the liver, blood and other major organs while boosting the immune system, hormone balance as well as other bodily functions.



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Total Revitalization with DGII Sheep Placenta Capsules

The latest all-natural creation from DGII of Switzerland is a fresh, exciting and advanced take on the original, very popular, and highly effective DGII Sheep Placenta Softgels. DGII Sheep Placenta Softgel is similar in that it is fully researched and developed in Switzerland by world-famous DGII.   DGII of Switzerland has touted this Cellular Softgel as a quality anti-aging and cell-activating oral supplement produced during their 20 years of research and development.

Anti-aging is a general term used for many different types of products and services. For DG2 of Switzerland, however, anti-aging represents an extensive, holistic, and complete process – beginning with the rejuvenation of the millions of cells that make up our body. With age advancement, not only do we look older, but the functions of our organs deteriorate and chronic diseases can develop. When the body is stressed, symptoms (such as fatigue, insomnia, poor concentration, weak memory, depression, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, and repeating headaches) lead to rapid-aging and diminished overall health. These symptoms and environmental conditions contribute to rapidly appearing older. These problems can be greatly reduced through advanced Cell Therapy from DGII of Switzerland and the DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel.


Advance Ingredients*

The award-winning formulation of DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel for anti-aging and rejuvenation includes:


Sheep Placenta Extract

  • 50:1 comprising over 200 growth factors, dermal bio-activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Increase sex drive



Marine Collagen

  • For strengthening of connective tissues to induce skin smoothing, improvement in skin suppleness and dermis density to engender youthful skin appearance.
  • Anti-aging



Deep Sea Fish Protein

  • Boost immune system
  • Lower blood pressure and plasma total cholesterol




  • Liver and kidney detoxification
  • Skin whitening and revitalization



Grape seed extract

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Relieves constipation



Coenzyme Q10

  • Maintain blood pressure
  • Promote a healthy cardiovascular system




  • Cardiovascular diseases protection
  • Reduces cell damage


*Disclaimer: Result may vary with individual 


Cutting Edge Biotechnology Softgel


DGII Sheep Placenta Capsules is fortified with special double-enteric coated softgels and strengthened by the brand’s superior Anti-Reflux Technology to form an outstanding transport mechanism for all of the placenta’s goodness, directly to the core of your body. Whether they are at the stomach or the intestine, these high-tech softgels can effectively prevent acid-alkaline digestion at both areas, ensuring optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tracts for maximum rejuvenation.


Benefits of DG2 Sheep Placenta Capsules*

WELLBEING Rejuvenation

– Boost general health, vitality and wellness

– Increase energy levels

– Improve stress response

– Promote deeper (restorative) sleep

– Enhance mental agility and alertness

– Improve stamina, mobility and range of motion

– Strengthen sensory function

– Treatment for postpartum depression

METABOLIC Rejuvenation

– Strengthen the body’s detox system for better digestion

– Stimulate circulation and metabolism

– Promote post-natal recuperation to restore health

– Balance and purify the reproductive system

– Menopausal Treatment

IMMUNE Rejuvenation

– Support speedy recovery from illness and poor state of health

– Reinforce the immune system

AESTHETIC Rejuvenation

– Promote protein and collagen synthesis

– Enhance natural repair system and bio-sunshield against premature photo-aging

– Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

– Enhance skin structure, firmness and elasticity

– Promote greater evenness in skin tone and colour


*Disclaimer: Results may vary between individual


Cold Enzymatic Acid Process

The ratio of active ingredients in DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel  is set after prolonged researches and trials in various scientific fields determine the best concentration of all the active ingredients.

Both the internal 100% Natural carefully selected ingredients and the outside coating of DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel  are stabilized.

DG2 Sheep Placenta Capsules  are all extracted from small peptide fractions with the big molecules of fat, protein and hormones removed.

They are further cultivated by cell cultures with the result ending with the bio-active portions separated and purified.

This allows them a very pure and do not contain any other unnecessary ingredients. The final product is a fully-soluble material manufactured in a controlled air environment throughout the exclusive proprietary enzymatic digestion process.

This is a cold enzymatic acid process during extraction which does not share the destructive effects of heating from 125 degrees to 180 degrees Celsius as is commonly used in the sterilization process by other brands. Hence, no other cell extract products are the same as DGII Sheep Placenta Softgel  because the methods of the extraction process are very different. Other current cell extracts supplements on the market are extracted via more conventional methods.


No Side Effect

No side effects will occur from use of the DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel . This includes long-term usage, as the bio-molecules in the product will be metabolized, degenerated, and ultimately excreted via the same pathways as all of our body’s endogenous products.  In addition, DG2 Sheep Placenta Softgel  will not contribute artificial hormones to our bodies, which affects our own hormone production. Hormone Therapy can be dangerous because it affects the natural balance of the endocrine system.

Finally, since DGII Sheep Placenta Softgel is protein-free, the risk of an allergic reaction is highly minimal, as the chance of the body attacking a foreign body is negligible. This is because the active substances in DGII Sheep Placenta Softgels are extracted with hi-tech biotechnological processes. These extracts or homologous elements enter our bodies and contribute enormously to its revitalization through activation and regeneration of our damaged and aging cells, without any risk of allergy.


Recommended Dosage

We recommend taking 1 capsule per day, 30 minutes before breakfast (for better absorption). This supplement is highly effective if taken on an empty stomach, in the morning. We recommend a 3-to-12 month treatment, in order reach maximum effect. Even after 3-to-12 months, this product can be taken as an effective vitamin supplement.

Note: The effects of this product may be diminished with heavy smoking or drinking.

Disclaimer:  Results may vary between individuals.



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